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Photographer on the coral reef

Simple Tips for Taking Everyday Underwater Pictures

Everyone knows that if you are going to be out snorkeling off a tropical island or diving for sunken treasure, you will want to have a great waterproof camera with you. The fact is, however, that anytime you are swimming, diving or otherwise enjoying the water, it is a good idea to have your camera. With the following tips, you can take some great underwater photos, no matter what you are doing. A Whole New World Remember, most people don’t take the time to dive down more than a few feet in water, so anything you see will be new and interesting. Taking pictures of common fish or plants that are living even in local lakes can be a lot of fun and very engaging. Avoid Stirring up Dirt If you are swimming in shallow water, avoid touching the ground with your feet. This will stir up the dirt and muck, which can make your pictures very cloudy. Try to swim horizontally and move slowly to keep the water clean and easy to take pictures in. Practice in a Pool Even your backyard pool can be a great place to take some interesting pictures. Experiment with different subjects underwater and see how the light can affect the final results. This can be a great way to get ready for going out into a lake or even the ocean. Slower is Better Most fish will let you get surprisingly close to them if you just move nice and slow. With this in mind, you can often get some incredible shots as long as you are nice and patient. Once you get close, you can reach out slowly with the camera and snap a few beautiful pictures before moving on.

Pretty young female tourist takes travel selfie at the beach

Great Ideas for Adrenaline Pumping Selfies

Selfies seem to be all the rage, with everyone from teenage girls to heads of state taking them on a regular basis. For some really great selfies, however, you should consider taking them while you are flying through the air or diving into the water. Extreme selfies can look great and really help to capture the essence of your extreme activities. Take a look at these tips to learn how to take them better than ever. Just over Arms Length While most selfies are taken by simply holding your camera out with your hand and snapping a picture, you actually want the camera a little further away when taking action selfies. This is because it will help get a little more background in the shot, so people can see what you are doing. To accomplish this, you can mount the camera on a rod or to some piece of equipment you have with you. Set the timer and get pumping. Multiple Shots The key to any good action shot is to take dozens of pictures so you have lots to choose from. It is almost impossible to get a good shot on a single try, so the more you take the better. Set your camera up to take a burst of 20 photos, for example, and you can always delete the ones that don’t look the way you want. Don’t Play to the Camera Most selfies have the subject making a weird face or doing something else to try to get the look they want. You don’t need to do that when participating in an extreme activity. Instead, just enjoy the adrenaline naturally and your face will have the expression you want. Whether that is fear, excitement or anything else, for these types of pictures, natural is best.

photgrapher looking trough the view finder

How to Choose Camera Placement while Taking Shots by Yourself

One of the hardest parts of taking any type of picture is choosing the right camera placement. You need to think about lighting, motion, the subject and much more. This gets even harder when you are trying to take a picture of yourself while in action. If you are into extreme sports or other exciting activities, however, you need to figure out how to do it right. While it will largely require trial and error, you can make some instant improvements by following these great techniques. Consider Lower Angles If you are hooking a camera up to your bike, the first thought might be to put it right on the handle bars. This can be good, but try mounting it somewhere lower for a more dramatic image. This can be especially helpful when doing flips or other extreme tricks. The same idea can be used for skiing, 4-wheeling or just about any other adventure. Move the Camera Closer Rather than using the zoom on your camera, try to just move the camera closer. Getting the camera closer will result in better pictures no matter what. Of course, the zoom can be used when there is no way to get the camera close. Set it and forget it Once you set your camera up in a location, you should go ahead and enjoy your activities without giving it another thought. You can’t perform well when you are worried about whether or not you are getting the perfect shot. Once you’re done with your activity, you can review the pictures and make adjustments for next time. Get some Dirt on the Camera When you are enjoying extreme sports and other intense activities you will undoubtedly get dirt, mud and water on your camera. While it may be tempting to wipe it completely off, you can leave a small amount on there. If it comes through in the picture, it can give the image some added character that many people love.

photographer taking photo during hike

Why you need a Camera as Adventurous as You

There are dozens of great cameras out on the market today that can take some truly incredible pictures, even when the owner isn’t a professional. Where most of these cameras lack, however, is in their durability and ruggedness. In fact, the vast majority of cameras on the market are very susceptible to dirt, water and bumps. While this isn’t a problem for people who just take pictures of their family, it is a huge issue for those into things a little more extreme. Don’t give it a Thought For those who like taking action shots the last thing you want to have to worry about is if it will damage the camera. In order to get the best pictures, you need to be able to set the camera anywhere or even take it with you on jumps and other extreme events. With a durable camera you can take pictures anywhere without giving it a second thought. One Camera for Everything Another thing that you have to keep in mind is that you don’t always know what you’ll get into. You could be out mountain biking and it starts to rain. If you don’t have a camera that can stand up to dirt and water, you could be in trouble. With one camera that can take excellent pictures while still being strong enough for your extreme lifestyle, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Cost Savings Of course, you also have to think about how much it would cost to having to constantly replace other cameras. When you just buy one extra durable camera you can enjoy it for years to come without having to worry about it breaking or having other issues. This is a major reason why many adventurers choose to buy a rugged camera to take with them everywhere they go.

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5 Simple Tips for Taking Action Shots with your Camera

One of the best things about getting out into the great outdoors and really living life to the extreme is taking pictures of it so you can share with friends and family. Of course, this isn’t always as easy as you would like. The following simple tips will really help to make the whole process much easier, and allow you to get better pictures than ever before. Tip #1 – Mounting If you don’t have someone with you to snap the pictures, you need to have a great mounting device. There are many great camera mounts that can attach to almost anything so you can get the perfect shot. Investing in one of these mounts will dramatically help you get the pictures you want. Tip #2 – Take Pictures in Bulk One of the biggest benefits that digital cameras provide is that you don’t have to pay for every picture you take. With this in mind, always try to snap as many pictures as you can. You can go through later and delete the ones that don’t look perfect, and be left with several incredible images. Tip #3 – Forget Camera Safety When trying to improve your pictures one of the most important things is to have a durable camera. If you’re constantly worried about getting it dirty, wet or bumped you will be severely limited on what you can do. Tip #4 – Get High or Get Low When taking action shots you can really improve the image by taking the picture from well above the subject (you) or well below it. If you have the camera placed on the ground while you’re doing a ski jump, for example, it will look like you are getting huge air! Experiment with different angles to see what works for you. Tip #5 – Focus on the Action There is no point to snapping pictures of something if you are not pushing yourself hard. Remember, you are out there to have fun and push yourself to the limits. If you are toning it down for the camera, the pictures won’t look nearly as good.


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