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How to Choose Camera Placement while Taking Shots by Yourself

One of the hardest parts of taking any type of picture is choosing the right camera placement. You need to think about lighting, motion, the subject and much more. This gets even harder when you are trying to take a picture of yourself while in action. If you are into extreme sports or other exciting activities, however, you need to figure out how to do it right.

While it will largely require trial and error, you can make some instant improvements by following these great techniques.

Consider Lower Angles

If you are hooking a camera up to your bike, the first thought might be to put it right on the handle bars. This can be good, but try mounting it somewhere lower for a more dramatic image. This can be especially helpful when doing flips or other extreme tricks. The same idea can be used for skiing, 4-wheeling or just about any other adventure.

Move the Camera Closer

Rather than using the zoom on your camera, try to just move the camera closer. Getting the camera closer will result in better pictures no matter what. Of course, the zoom can be used when there is no way to get the camera close.

Set it and forget it

Once you set your camera up in a location, you should go ahead and enjoy your activities without giving it another thought. You can’t perform well when you are worried about whether or not you are getting the perfect shot. Once you’re done with your activity, you can review the pictures and make adjustments for next time.

Get some Dirt on the Camera

When you are enjoying extreme sports and other intense activities you will undoubtedly get dirt, mud and water on your camera. While it may be tempting to wipe it completely off, you can leave a small amount on there. If it comes through in the picture, it can give the image some added character that many people love.

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