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Great Ideas for Adrenaline Pumping Selfies

Selfies seem to be all the rage, with everyone from teenage girls to heads of state taking them on a regular basis. For some really great selfies, however, you should consider taking them while you are flying through the air or diving into the water. Extreme selfies can look great and really help to capture the essence of your extreme activities. Take a look at these tips to learn how to take them better than ever.

Just over Arms Length

While most selfies are taken by simply holding your camera out with your hand and snapping a picture, you actually want the camera a little further away when taking action selfies. This is because it will help get a little more background in the shot, so people can see what you are doing. To accomplish this, you can mount the camera on a rod or to some piece of equipment you have with you. Set the timer and get pumping.

Multiple Shots

The key to any good action shot is to take dozens of pictures so you have lots to choose from. It is almost impossible to get a good shot on a single try, so the more you take the better. Set your camera up to take a burst of 20 photos, for example, and you can always delete the ones that don’t look the way you want.

Don’t Play to the Camera

Most selfies have the subject making a weird face or doing something else to try to get the look they want. You don’t need to do that when participating in an extreme activity. Instead, just enjoy the adrenaline naturally and your face will have the expression you want. Whether that is fear, excitement or anything else, for these types of pictures, natural is best.

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