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Simple Tips for Taking Everyday Underwater Pictures

Everyone knows that if you are going to be out snorkeling off a tropical island or diving for sunken treasure, you will want to have a great waterproof camera with you. The fact is, however, that anytime you are swimming, diving or otherwise enjoying the water, it is a good idea to have your camera. With the following tips, you can take some great underwater photos, no matter what you are doing.

A Whole New World

Remember, most people don’t take the time to dive down more than a few feet in water, so anything you see will be new and interesting. Taking pictures of common fish or plants that are living even in local lakes can be a lot of fun and very engaging.

Avoid Stirring up Dirt

If you are swimming in shallow water, avoid touching the ground with your feet. This will stir up the dirt and muck, which can make your pictures very cloudy. Try to swim horizontally and move slowly to keep the water clean and easy to take pictures in.

Practice in a Pool

Even your backyard pool can be a great place to take some interesting pictures. Experiment with different subjects underwater and see how the light can affect the final results. This can be a great way to get ready for going out into a lake or even the ocean.

Slower is Better

Most fish will let you get surprisingly close to them if you just move nice and slow. With this in mind, you can often get some incredible shots as long as you are nice and patient. Once you get close, you can reach out slowly with the camera and snap a few beautiful pictures before moving on.

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